Bryce Hubbell

AKA : Bait Master General

I've always had a passion for the outdoors, I joined the army straight out of high school and gave ten years of service. Now a retired veteran I've gotten back to my passion for the outdoors.

volunteer at Bear Trak to help people enjoy the sport of hunting and fishing like I do.

One of my goals is to harvest every big game animal possible, I currently hold the world record for highest scoring eastern turkey killed with a bow. 

As a retired man I spend my time hunting and fishing, but most of the time I find myself building ice huts, hunting blinds, cabins and everything else that gets requested by my son Corey. 

I enjoy being out at bear camp helping out the guys and taking the guests out fishing. Although I think I work harder now than I did when I was working my 9 to 5.

​As a young boy I always dreamed of owning a hunting & fishing outfit. By the time I was in my twenties I had the pleasure of being introduced to an excellent outfitter how was willing to mentor me, when it was time for my mentor to retire  I was able to take over the reigns of Bear Trak Outfitters and I haven't looked back since.


It is a true passion of mine to take guests out into the back country where I grew up, whether it be hunting or fishing, To see the excitement in their eyes when they arrow their first bear or catch that trophy fish, it's what I live for!

The best part of it all is sitting around the camp fire at the end of day and listening to everyone share their stories.  It is those moments that create memories and friendships that last a life time.

​I hope to see you at the camp fire.

Al Hayward

Cody Kuluski

Sam Vamplew

Growing up I enjoyed the outdoors and loved to fish. In my early twenties I met Corey and he introduced me to archery hunting black bear and ever since I've been hooked. Right away I started helping out at Bear Trak, running bait, clearing sites and what ever else it took to help Corey get this business off the ground. I have mastered the art of baiting and really know how to get these bear coming in. Hence the name "Bait Master General"  I love the comradery  around camp and the people I get to meet. It's become something I look forward to every year.

Corey Hayward




I am Corey's long time partner and since high school we have been enjoying

adventures in the outdoors together, Corey may have taught me how to fish but I definitely taught him how to catch them!

I love being  outdoors, out on the water or on top of a mountain is where you'll find me the happiest.

One of my other loves is travelling so I always enjoy meeting all the guests at  bear camp and hearing the stories of their travels and where they are from.